Labor of Love


It’s been a minute since I’ve written any new posts lately, but that’s because I finally took a huge leap of faith and moved myself back to Los Angeles! After many months of working on my album in my hometown of Olympia, WA, I decided it was about time I pulled myself out of the comfy little rut I had sunk into and move forward with my life as an artist. Being separated from the music scene that inspired me to start producing was weighing heavy on my heart, and it was getting increasingly difficult to run a label of LA-based musicians from a thousand miles away. I had to re-evaluate my priorities, let go of some fears, and make a massive change.



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Moving out and living on your own isn’t exactly cheap, so I had to make a couple of sacrifices in order to facilitate this transition. Instead of selling any of my beloved music gear, I decided it would be much better for the environment (and my music) if I sold my car. Equipped with only a skateboard and TAP card, I’m now living in what I’m fairly certain is the TINIEST studio apartment in all of downtown Los Angeles. In order to make ends meet, I work at an ice cream shop in Grand Central Market by day, and teach Ableton lessons by night. I also give up a few hours of sleep here and there to write music, run Unspeakable Records, and play gigs on the side.

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But you know what the best part is? Despite the realness of my struggle these days, this is the happiest I’ve felt in YEARS. I’m finally independent, self-sufficient, and fully dedicating my existence to music, which has been the driving force in my life ever since I can remember. Music has saved my life on more than one occasion, so it seems absolutely necessary that I give back through teaching, writing, and helping like-minded creative women achieve their goals in the industry. Not many great things are ever achieved from your comfort zone.

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So is it all worth it? Check back with me in a couple of months once my album is out. If you’d like to hear some of my new music before it’s released, I’ll be performing the majority of my new album LIVE at The Echo on September 12th. Sorry not sorry for the shameless self-promotion <3

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