Unspeakable Records

I am so proud to announce that UNSPEAKABLE VOLUME ONE will be available on cassette and digitally on April 1st, 2014!

Artists on the compilation include Suzi Analogue, Shiva, G.L.A.M., dot, Vandetta, Youngmin Joo, Kittens, Window To Outer Space, Natasha Kmeto, Alluxe, Cherry Chan, Cat 500, Low Leaf, and Teri Gender Bender (plus artwork by the very talented Katrina Alonso). I have so much love and respect for each and every artist on this compilation, and it’s amazing to see so many talented women join forces to create something greater than ourselves.

This being said, I’m already being criticized by many for starting an all-female label when gender shouldn’t matter in music. I’m aware that being labeled as a “female musician” is a very sensitive subject for some (and rightfully so), because we simply want to be judged by the quality of our music rather than our physical appearance. I sympathize with so many women in the music industry who shy away from being labeled by their gender, but at this point in history, I think it is crucial for us to stand up and embrace it.

I can’t make generalizations or speak on behalf of anyone but myself, but like many artists, my goal is simply to express my experience on this earth through my music and other creative work. Being a woman in today’s society is a huge part of that experience, so it seems pointless for me to try to deny the fact that my gender profoundly influences my art.

The truth of the matter is that nothing in the music industry (or society) is going to change if we don’t have the courage to talk about it. Why is Forbes’ list of highest-paid DJs last year all men? Why do women only make up ten percent of performers at music festivals around the world? Why is there the automatic assumption that a guy made whatever track you’re listening to, or that if you’re a “female producer/DJ” you probably have someone else making the music for you? Why has technology been gendered as masculine over the course of the 20th century?

At the end of the day, the quality of music that is released on Unspeakable Records is of utmost importance, but it goes deeper than just that. There are so many talented female artists in the business who deserve much more respect than they’re currently being given, which is why I’m creating this platform for women to share their music with the world. It is my hopes that this label will have a positive impact on the industry, and perhaps even inspire more women to share their voices through music.

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