Huge thank you to the lovely people at Sound Colour Vibration and Elektro Daily for these fantastic reviews of ‘Playtime EP’ — if you haven’t heard it yet, head over to my BANDCAMP to check it out!

“Far removed from the confinements of the beat label, the underlining level of composition in the five works is phenomenal. You don’t have to know the complexity of music theory to feel how smooth, textured and balanced all of her bridges, verses and choruses are on the record.” — Sound Colour Vibration

“After hearing one minute of any of her tracks you’ll quickly come to know and love Dot’s specific breed of lo-fi grooves… I thoroughly recommend a powerful pair of headphones, a bike, and your favorite city streets/back country expanse for this oscillating mind melter. You know she’s got it when the melody’s so finely cut you don’t even need the drums to dance along.” — Elektro Magazine


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